Access to gene pages

You can search genes using any ID or keyword in the general search bar located in the website banner. If needed, the search page offers more guidelines about expected query format (you can also query the database by blast).

Gene Pages

Details about methods and references are available by clicking on Gene Expression (RNA Seq) On the Differential Expression graph, details about comparisons and link to the experiment are available by clicking on the corresponding log2FC bar. Unroll “Non significant” and “Non expressed” to see all the comparisons performed.

Genome Browser


Mouse wheel can scroll side to side, as well as click and drag. The pan buttons also exist in the header of the linear genome view


The zoom buttons exist in the header of the linear genome view, and there is also a slider bar to zoom in and out. Note: You can also hold the "Ctrl" key and use your mousewheel or trackpad to scroll and this will zoom in and out.

Re-ordering tracks

There is a drag handle on the track labels indicating by the six dots, clicking and dragging on this part of the track label can reorder tracks